Portfolio Diverse

Based on an interview of a woman living in Bergen op Zoom who lived during WWII, the short focuses on her living in a dangerous environment, to try to keep her family and house a safe place.

Direction & Story: Michele Crivellaro (michelecrivellaro.com)
Production: Michele Crivellaro, Theresa Schade (torheitanimation.tumblr.com)
Art Direction & Post-Production: Samantha Schoonen (samanthaschoonen.nl)
Animation Direction: Theresa Schade
Storyboard: Viviane Leezer (vivianeleezer.com)
Visual Design: Elena Winkel (eiwinkel.tumblr.com), Samantha Schoonen, Selen Kılınç (selenkilinc.com), Theresa Schade
Animation: Elena Winkel, Huei-Yuan Tien (fillmember.net), Louis Hector (louishector.nl), Michele Crivellaro, Samantha Schoonen, Selen Kılınç, Theresa Schade, Viviane Leezer

An animated bumper inspired by the animated Arctic Monkeys clip "Do I Wanna Know?"

I was especially inspired by the things that are done while you as audience wait. in these hectic minutes loads of things have to be checked and done. The one minute bumper is meant to entertain the people while they wait on the next screening or artist talk.


Playgrounds International Digital Arts Festival is a festival for innovative and creative digital art. During the four-day festival in Tilburg and Amsterdam, Playgrounds presents an impression of the latest developments in technology as well as creativity.