Animatie, concept en realisatie

Louis Hector

Gespecialiseerd in informatief, verhalend, maar ook redactioneel gebruik van online digitale-media.


Producten waaronder:

Geanimeerde promotie video's,
karakter ontwerp,

informatie visualisatie en communicatie.


Werkproces Animatie

LHC Updates

The start of a new educational app!

The first visuals of an app I will be designing in collaboration with app-developer Deepweb and historical museum Het Markiezenhof! The app will be a digital scavenger hunt through their historical artifacts. Markiezenhof provides the historical input, Deepweb te code and I will provide illustrations and animations!

Popmonument project added to portfolio!

Making of Project GIF Popmonumenten

Yolande Kortlever, city historian of Bergen op Zoom, showed me around the Markiezenhof. She shared the grand stories of the reign of the Van Glymes'. Stories both euphoric as tragic like you would see in an episode of Game of Thrones.

Due to these stories and Jan II van Glymes' order to build the Markiezenhof, I chose their insignia to be the symbol to represent this mesmerizing city-palace throughout the Popmonument festival.

Popmonument assignment

I got selected!

Popmonument is an one day pop-event in Bergen op Zoom on Saturday the 10th of september. 

You can watch bands throughout the city centre of Bergen op Zoom free of commission.

For € 10,- you get to see five exclusive pop performances, such as: Gabriel Rios, DAAN and Indian Askin, within the walls of historical monuments.

Five designers were selected and paired them with a (specified) tour-guide. After a personal tour to spice the inspiration, the designers will create an looping GIF (Graphic Interface Format) portraying as symbol of the monument.

My monument will be Het Markiezenhof, the oldest city-palace of Europe!


Roversrun obstacle-signs

Teasing the audience

Roversrun approached me to design the route map of their 7km, 14km and 21km runs.


I made signs to pinpoint the different locations and designed the icons of a few of obstacles to tease the curious survival runner.